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Did NOT expect this
Happy Eleven
You know what, it’s 2 AM where I live right now but I DON’T CARE BECAUSE THIS.

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Oh, this is ridiculous. I'm grinning so hugely that my jaws hurt.

I still have school tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that my excitement can carry me through another few days. It’s better than caffeine. It really is.

OP fic: Fine Lines
OP - Robin Crying
Title: Fine Lines
Word Count: 1,397
Rating: G
Character(s): Robin, Sanji
Pairing(s): SanRob
Summary: Fairy tales are lies told to naive children while they lie in their warm beds. Robin was never naive. And she never liked lies.
Note: This was written last April, as birthday present to a friend who requested SanRob fic. I finally took it out of my old files folder, dusted it off a bit, and posted it. I don't ship SanRob myself, but I'm relatively happy with this fic; it's the first time I've written anything resembling romance. The story is set post-Skypeia and post-Enies Lobby.

Disclaimer: One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda. I own nothing.

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BBC Sherlock doll
Back at the start of June, I made a Sherlock doll for my friend Mikki’s birthday. She’s the one who got me into BBC Sherlock in the first place. :3

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Of angels and demons
OP - Chopper SQUEE
Having taken a break from books for a month or two due to schoolwork, I started reading again a few weeks ago and got around to Good Omens by Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman.

It is quite possibly the funniest book I’ve ever had the fortune to read. It’s certainly one of the best.

The plot revolves around the approaching Armageddon, and how one angel and one demon work together and try their damn hardest to stop it because they’ve gotten really attached to life on Earth and don’t want to see humans as casualties in the cosmic war between Heaven and Hell. Meanwhile, the (misplaced) anti-Christ is having a swell time as a human child, some very odd prophecies told by a medieval witch are coming true, and the four Bikers Horsepersons of the Apocalypse are riding across the world.

Ever since Twilight, there have been an awful lot of new books centered on vampires, witches, fallen angels, etc. Most are rather stereotypical romances that are mind-numbingly predictable, sappy, and poorly-plotted. Besides being a terrible piece of literature, Twilight also ruined a whole genre for me.

I used to like supernatural creatures before the onslaught of wangsty tragic romances hit.

That’s why I was so happy to find Good Omens, because it takes the concept of angels and demons being friends and makes it work. True, the book was written in 1990, way before all that sparklepire shit hit the fan, but it was so damn refreshing for me to find a book about the supernatural and actually like it. Love it, in fact.

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There’s news that a miniseries was on its way, but talk about that seems to have dwindled down. It’s a shame; I would love to see Good Omens in live-action. I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best in the coming years.

But now I’m rather obsessed with this book and fandom and wings. I’ve been of a minor art spree and doodling the characters all over my school notebook. It’s such a great feeling; being introduced to a new fandom and falling head over heels for it.

OP Chapter 701
I had to reread this chapter because I kept double-taking the first time around. There is so much stuff in here; Odacchi totally made my day with this.

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Snapshot Bingo
So I decided to participate in Dreamwidth's snapshot_bingo challenge. I've got this nice new Canon SX40 camera that's been sitting around for a while and I really want to put it to some good use! I'm not a great photographer by any means, but I love photography as an art. It's all real (minus the Photoshop edits) and photos remind me of just how fantastic and beautiful this planet and its inhabitants really are.

Hopefully I'll fill up my card by the time the deadline rolls around in May. :)

Bowl Sent Sunrise Sunset Card
Closure Sweet Ready Profile Reflection
Grow Apricot Free Space Graffiti Electric
Tan Around Almond View Nature
Nine Going T Today Push

OP fic - Kingdom Animalia
OP - victory
I wrote this little ficlet more than a year ago, when the cover-stories of the One Piece chapters started the new serial "From Shipdecks Around the World." This ficlet was based off of the very first page, Chapter 613. It...kinda sprung out of nowhere, and has no actual named characters in it. But I like it, so I thought I'd finally share it.

Title: Kingdom Animalia
Character(s): a News Coo
Word Count: 445
Notes: Just a bit of fun on my part. Also, it's a tribute to all the News Coo and Den Den Mushi out there who work so hard for the good of mankind.

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I actually made something!
OP - 2Y Brook

A Fionna doll (from Adventure Time) for my aunt ♥

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*flails everywhere*
Silm - Fingon: Some Pity

Finally got to watch “The Hobbit” yesterday! Instead of spazzing here right away, I took a day to collect my thoughts and organize them a bit. Because I have a LOT to say about the movie.

I really, really enjoyed it, despite some initial apprehensions due to mixed reviews. I took a leaf out of a fellow Tolkien fan’s book and decided to think of the movie as fanfiction instead of a direct adaptation of the book. It worked really well and I was able to enjoy the movie a lot more than I would have otherwise, because I am usually a stickler for canon and unnecessary changes annoy me.

Spoilers abound, naturallyCollapse )

I’m really looking forward to the next “Hobbit” movie. I can’t wait to see Smaug the Magnificient and Thranduil’s palace and giant spiders and lots of other stuff that I know is coming along. Another whole year of waiting! Now I know how the LotR fans felt like in the early 2000s.

Oh, and Happy Holidays! :D

OP Chapter 690
OP - Attack!Mansopp




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